Monday, April 19, 2010


This last Friday, I had the day off. I met up for breakfast with a new friend, and was unexpectedly blessed and encouraged. I love it when those things happen. You go expecting some good fellowship over an Egg McMuffin and a cup of coffee, and you are in turn blessed with insight and "aha!" moments, in ADDITION to the Egg McMuffin and cup of coffee. God is so good.

During our time together, my friend used the phrase "Seeing God's finger prints" in regards to the events that led me to Cannon Falls, and the path that has been paved since being here. This imagery really stuck with me, because if we take the time to evaluate where we've been, how far God has brought us and how much we've grown, you can literally see God's distinct finger prints on those moments of our lives. Those finger prints are a result of Jesus laying his hand on our shoulder, taking His hand in ours, or wiping tears from our cheeks. All of those actions require touch that would produce a finger print. Go ahead, look. See where He has smudged you with His providence, His guidance, His love.

Taking the time to see these finger prints that are invisible to the naked eye can lead us to a sense of peace, a sense of knowing that we are on the right track. What cannot be seen with the naked eye can be seen with the depth of our heart, and a spirit that is sensitive to the Lord's touch.

May you reach out to our loving Savior, whose touch is pure and yet His grip is strong. Strong enough to pick us up when we've fallen, yet as gentle as a mother cradling her 3 hour old baby in her arms. May you let Him touch you, and, may you see His finger prints on your life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Being Apart of God's Orchestra

"We are like musicians in God's Orchestra Pit; He is never late in cuing in His musicians, but always right on time."

That is an original quote, a written result of how I feel God moving in my life. In conversations with people I have found myself using the word "orcestrate" or "orchestrated" on a frequent basis. If we take time to look at each of our personal past's up to the present, we can see the specific notes that were being written on a music staff to create an original piece of music that is in perfect harmony with God's plan for our lives; a melody that is uniquely ours, and uniquely beautiful.

I marvel at God and His perfect timing, and how often times we don't realize it is perfect until it happens. When we let go of needing to know how it is going to happen, where, when and possibly with who, we rob ourselves of the opportunity of experiencing the joy that happens when God hands you another "note" for your melody, a note that just happens to create a complete musical chord that is pleasing to the ear.

How grateful I am that I don't have to write the music to my life. For music that is written by me is often full of minor chords, sharps, and the timing isn't quite right. What a peace it is to know that all I have to do is be His instrument, and He'll play me, cue me, and lead me.

He is the master composer. Have you ever heard the pure laugh of a child, or the enchanting motion of the ocean waves? Only a master composer could create such sounds. Or the young child who sings "Jesus Loves Me", with a faith that as adults we can only hope to imitate?

Have you ever stopped to notice how His creation is composed? The vibrant colors of a sunset, how they swirl together in a fashion that not even the greatest painter could recreate with his brush. Or the trees as they begin to bud, but shed their coats in step with the seasons?

Harmonize the ballad of your life with Jesus, the Master Composer. For in Him, there is beautiful music to be heard.