Tuesday, June 30, 2015

After The Wedding

 One short year ago I was walking down the aisle in an old country church, dressed in white and full of gratitude for the answered prayer that God gave me in the form of my husband Jeremy. Everything went exactly as it was supposed to, though not necessarily as planned!

Throughout the marriage preparations, I taught myself to resort to the fact that "I've never done this before...we've never done this before." and by "this" I meant preparing for a marriage, dealing with the emotions that come from family members, balancing every day life and finances with preparing for one weekend out of our whole lives.

A woman spends most of her life waiting for the moment where she becomes the bride, but is quickly told by some older and wiser woman that it is what happens after the wedding that counts; that's what we need to prepare for.

The truth is, there is no way of really being able to know what an experience will be until you find yourself in the thick of it. You can read as many resources as you'd like, listen to podcasts, speak to older wives who have more experience in marriage than you do...and while though you are likely to gain wisdom and insight, it is nothing in comparison to that moment when you look at that first year of marriage and process how you experienced it.

To quote one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies " Adventure is out there!", but now that the dress is put away and one year of marriage is in the books, what does that mean for me?

What does that mean for you?

I used to think that adventure and "feeling alive" meant constantly moving and looking for change. But the truth is, the true adventure for all of us in every season of our lives is to trust God without abandon.

No matter where you are in life, God is calling you to trust....a verb that is just as powerful as it is a noun. To trust that even though we aren't sure what is going on, why we are here, why we are doing what we are doing and wondering "does this really make a difference?", He asks us to revisit the truth that...

My adventurous life isn't about me.

May God give you the grace and the ability to seek adventure by means of trusting His will and His way for your life. May you find your sufficiency in this kind of road trip, never forgetting to admire the scenery along the way.