Friday, June 15, 2012

Aimlessly Wandering

For anyone who knows me, it is no secret that I have spent quite a bit of time aimlessly wandering around places. I have always been a woman with a goal in mind, but somehow I always get lost and take a scenic detour or get distracted by "shiny chickens". Having a GPS at my side has significantly helped in this matter when I'm driving my car, but I still have my moments. 

The Israelites wandered in the desert for many years, but they weren't aimlessly wandering. They knew that they were headed to the promised land that God had promised them. They whined, they complained, they got hot and sweaty, and there were times when their faith got pretty shaken. But they kept walking and didn't give up, because they knew where they were headed.
  Recently, I have felt like an Israelite walking towards something in the desert. However, unlike the Israelites, I don't feel as if I really know what or where I'm walking towards. I strive to always focus on pressing into the Lord, and He continues to provide guidance and direction in every season of my life, and most especially the current season that I'm in. 
 I often write about doing the "next right thing", but lately that " next right thing" appears to be walking aimlessly, and often feeling like I'm walking in circles. I think it would definitely be better to feel like you are walking forward then feel like you are walking in a circle, as a circle never ends and you eventually pass the same thing on more then one occasion, where as if you are walking forward you hopefully have the chance of seeing new scenery and just merely for the fact that you are moving forward. 

Is this where faith comes in? Is this where trust accompanies faith? As I walk the road that I am on... unsure of what to focus on, what to aim for, what to strive for, I somehow maintain the faith that just walking, Whether it be in circles or moving straight ahead or taking two steps back, is better then not moving at all. 
 That's it. We must focus on the fact that just moving in general is demonstrating faith. It is once again that complete surrender that even though we don't know anything beyond that step we see ahead of us, that just moving forward in faith isn't aimless. Heavens no, it is quite the contrary. "just moving" has great purpose, but we have to keep moving in order to see that.
 My hope and prayer for you is that no matter where you are at in your journey...whether you are driven to achieve a goal and are sure of where you are headed, or are a fellow wandering Israelite such as myself....may God equip you to have faith as small as a mustard seed that will move mountains such as your greatest fears, anxieties and doubts.