Sunday, May 20, 2012

Strategically Placed

To have a "strategy" means that you are putting together a plan with a specific angle to accomplish a specific result. I love board games, but if it involves strategy, I'll pass. Spending time calculating risk, time and/or money to achieve a specific goal doesn't really appeal to me, though I do see the value of applying strategy in different areas of life my life. For example, I will strategically avoid giving into the temptation of buying that fabulous pink dress that "fits me like a glove" and wait 3 more weeks until it goes half price. Yes folks, that is as "strategic" as I care to become. Lord help my future husband who will more then likely be a very strategic and logical thinker. Maybe he'll help me find ways to strategically buy two dresses for that same price, or do more important things, like strategically plan to save money for a home and pay off debt. Both hold a good amount of weight in my eyes. 
Did you know that we can apply strategy to our life in a million different ways, but that ultimately God strategically places us where HE wants us? This is a truth that the Lord has been showing me in some huge ways the last two months, but more specifically within this last week. We can plot, plan and prepare as much as we want in every area of our life, but how unfathomable of a truth is it that despite our efforts, God will always have us right where He wants us? 
 Last week I attended a life group in which we watched a sermon on the concept of being "salt and light" to people in this world, and that we are strategically placed where we are for a purpose. Something the pastor said that really got my attention is that we can most often pin point those people in our lives that God brought at "Just the right time". Those people who we clearly see as a "God send" in a specific situation and time in our life. What the pastor went on to say is that 90% of the time, those people that God provided for you don't even realize that that is what God was doing through them. All they did was show up to work, a Bible study, a coffee house or answered an email. They did the next right thing in front of them, and God did the rest. 

 Think about this. All we have the power to do is the next right thing in front of us, and it is through the Holy Spirit and the discernment that He grants us that we can know what that is. We have no idea if it will result in pain or loss, happiness, joy or guidance, that is a strategy that we simply can't begin to put together. And thank goodness! We are not merely plastic pieces on the board game of life. We may make choices that make us take two steps back or that appear to bring  us all the way to "start" again, but through it all we can trust that we are right where we need to be for a purpose and a reason. 

"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."-Proverbs 16:9